Overlays - Floating Automation

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Overlays - Floating Automation का विवरण

is a multitasking automation tool that floats your widgets everywhere.

* Watch YouTube while using other apps

* Create your own floating UI based on context (day, time, application, event)

* Automatically show your music player widget when you plug your headset

* Show overlays only when a specific app is running

* Schedule overlays to show only on specific days and time

* Float a camera overlay anytime, from everywhere

* The options are endless!

is packed with features, explore it well!

Add your widgets, shortcuts and in-app unique overlays to profiles and set a trigger for each profile.

- Foreground Application - show your overlays only when a specific application is running.

- Events - trigger your overlays on event occurrence (i.e: automatically float your music player widget when you plug your headset).

- Home button - long press your Home button to toggle an overlays profile.

- Launcher Shortcuts - add overlays profiles' shortcuts to your home launcher to spare some room!

- Floating Sidebar - swipe/tap your screen edge to reveal the sidebar and toggle your overlays.

- Always On - overlays will keep floating, everywhere

- Lock screen - show overlays over your Android stock lock screen (not supported on Android 8.0+).

- Quick Setting Tile (Pro, Android 7.0+) - pull your status bar to show overlays.

- Floating YouTube

- Floating Browser

- Floating Widgets

- Floating Shortcuts

- Floating Camera

- Floating Calculator

- Floating Dialer & Contacts

- Floating Flashlight

- Battery, Weather, Clock, Missed calls, Unread messages and more!

Headset plugged, WiFi by SSD, Bluetooth by device, WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, Incoming call, Outgoing call, Phone docked, USB connected, AC plugged and Airplane mode.

- Permissions explained http://lioriluz.wordpress.com/permissions/

- Community and help https://plus.google.com/communities/117440369030793059494

- Video tutorials https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM5qor5-ZTTaiaHGG1tXZyT2BGZbRs3Hj

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